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About AVS Astrology

The couple A V Subramanian and Indira Subramanian have been studying astrology and using it for predictions and pariharams (remedial measures) for quarter century. Both are hereditary astrologers.

Subramanian's father late Shri VAK Ayer was doyen among astrologers in India. He was journalist for half a century and practising astrology again, for half a century. Shri Ayer was author of quite a few books since 1940. To name some, Everyday Astrology, Palmistry for Pleasure and Profit are famous even today. He was in the panel of Sampurnand Sanskrit Vidyalaya, Varanasi, for selecting astrologer's faculty in the university. Inclusion of extra-Saturnine planets viz., Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the prediction was his specialty. He was multi-columnist in the Astrological Magazine, Bangalore, India, for about three decades. His profile had appeared in World Authors Who Is who for quite a few years.

A V Subramanian has graduated in Philosophy with subjects on psychology of religion, metaphysics etc. from Bombay University, India. He was groomed by his father. Subramanian was assisting his father as a secretary in the preparation of prediction and horoscopes prepared for the clients all over the world. This secretarial experience has made him expertise in casting of horoscope, first-hand tips on specific questions.

Mrs. Indira Subramanian, had her education in Bangalore -- has an experience of 18 years in marketing, and practises Vedic Astrology and is a Parihara (remedial measure) Consultant, and, family and marriage Counselor.

Subramanian's clientele extends apart from India to UK, USA, Far East, Middle East, Japan etc.

The services offered by them are under the science of predictive astrology using the Vimshottari school of thought and advising suitable remedial measures.

Astrology is a science of guidance to intimate both positive and caution period of life. Positive when it predicted moments in life of joy and also of hardships. The hardships were to an extent preventable through offerings to the planets under the system of pariharas.

The predictions cover aspects of personal characteristics, inter-personal relationship, socially relevant acts, personal life, conjugal life, life of family, economic life and health of life (as per Medical Astrology) ---- (AYUSHYA, AROGYAM AND ASIHWARAYAM) --- the triunes very popular among person seeking to understand their future.

Predictions are also done on analysis of a dasa and the bukthis under a dasa.

The other sections cover compatibility of horoscopes --- for marriage ----where psychological compatibility also holds importance. Business partnership compatibility, annual reading, pre- and post-marital counseling, stress, family counseling, educational and career counseling (based on astrological findings). Also birth time rectification.

The pariharams are done in 3 modes::

  • Simple prayers/poojas
  • Prayers through yantras
  • Parihara homas.

The veracity of the influences and mal effects determine the extent of pariharas.

A native can register their details with the following information: Name, date of birth, correct time of birth, and place of birth (place if a small village, should accompany nearest town, district, state, country). A brief about the person (education, line of career and present designation, if business then line of business, if married then children in the order with miscarriage if any), parents alive, co-born in the order with any miscarriage/s in between.

Based on the above information and query, we shall intimate the counseling charges.

Predictions along with remedial measures or pariharams (wherever needed) shall be mailed/ emailed in a week's time from the date of receiving the counseling charges.