Astrology treats about the influence of those heavenly bodies -- the planets and the stars -- on human life and affairs connected with it. It is a science in the sense that its whole edifice is built on scientific data. It is an art in the sense that man interprets the influence of those bodies on life. 

It is a much debated question whether the stars have any influence at all on human life. While we do not propose to concern ourselves with that controversy, we may be permitted to express our opinion that, judging from recorded facts and our own experience, we are forced to the conclusion that the heavenly bodies do exert a considerable influence on life in this world. Not only that, they give us an inkling as to the nature of our past as well as future. It is the business of us mortals to be guided by such indications towards a better adjustment of our lives.   It has proven its predictive capability and also in stalling ill-effects of the planets.  This art is handed over by tradition mostly to heirs.

Branches of modern astrology

The main branches of astrology has been divided into natal, prasna (questions) and mundane.

Natal astrology is the analysis of an individual chart on self, education, finance, assets, career, marriage, health, relationship, longevity etc.

Prasna system is an interrogatory, horary, electional, event interpretation astrology in which a question is asked as to when will this happen; will this happen; what happened; will I get the job; will I win the lawsuit; am I entitled to buy property; when will I get married; luck to progeny etc. 

Mundane astrology refers to astrology of world events, both political and physical, weather forecasting, economic or social factors that influence a country.

Financial astrology is a recent branch of mundane astrology where the ups and downs of economic cycles as shown through the planetary cycles are analysed and guidance given to speculative investors.

One of the most important branches in astrology is medical astrology.  It is a branch that deals with the health, ailments and well being of a human body.  It tends to analyse from a birth chart the strengths and weaknesses, illness, disease, nutritional deficiencies etc of a person.

Muhurtha astrology --  Muhurtha is an auspicious time selected for performing an auspicious event in an individual's life.   Some of the important events are – naming ceremony, upanayana (thread ceremony), marriage, religious functions, purchasing new house or land, vehicle, commencing a new business, signing of contracts, partnership, proprietorship business  etc. 
Likewise there are many more sub-divisional branches in Astrology.

Astronomy and Astrology are complementary science to each other.  There is factual proof for astronomy, whereas in Astrology the proof is experience of the individual.    With the growth of science man has started to think himself to be more important than the Almighty.  Yet science has been unable to confront the human experience of abstract nature.    To cite an example, though science has improved to the extent of test tube babies, yet, many prospective healthy couple is childless in spite of positive results in various medical tests.

Astrology does have explanation for such happenings in life.  The science of Astrology is the result of ancient wisdom.   Astrology is important since it balances the hint of fatalism with the reality of being able to predict the cautions in the chart by right minded action. 

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