Dear Sir/Madam,

Thanks a lot for the report. We did go thro it once again and we could get to know a lot more. We are very satisfied with your analysis and we wish to express our sincere thanks to your efforts. We do need to follow your advice sincerely.

We look forward to continued interaction with you and  lead a wonderful life ahead.

Thanks and regards

G & G (Bangalore)

Thank you Indraji. All is well I keep remembering you and your guidance in my difficult times, Yes you are absolutely right I am feeling all very positive in within myself and your blessings are always with me. Regards to you.

My career has gone in exactly same ways as per your prediction.

I got onsite opportunity and in 2012 and H1B Visa process is completed by Jan 13. After getting visa for me and my daughter there were some budgeting issues are i was unable to travel having valid visa from the same company.

I would like to consult you in this regard to know if there is any favorable time for my onsite travel and suitable period if any.

My wife is working in US expecting that I will be there any time.

T. Ram, (Mumbai)

Thank you for your kind answer.  It is our honor to be teached by teacher Subramanian.

Now I have read your answer.   Your advices are always deep , useful ,wonderful.

I beleive that in Japan there is no astrologer in such high level and kind mind.

I will repeat this advice to my friend soon.

I once more say thank you very much.

Jun, (Japan)

I send   you information from the customer Ms. YM

My daughter changed her mind after I recited the Mantra which you taught me.  Thank you very much for teaching me good method. 

Y, (Japan)